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Dawg Business: How to Get Started and the Skills Required

Do you love dogs and are you looking for a side hustle? You have just found the perfect business for you, dear dog lovers, it’s dawg business! 

Pets like dogs are considered an important part of the family. But sometimes when life gets busy or when homeowners need a getaway vacation, they are always on the lookout for someone that could care for their beloved fur babies. Because the safety and care of their dogs is of topmost priority, many will look for someone that understands what it takes to care for them. Here is all that you need to know about dawg business including skills and tips for a successful business. 

What does dawg business means

Dawg business involves experts that act as companions to dogs and involves not only in walking people’s dogs but also caring for them.  They are trained to provide care including offering expert advice and interesting tips to care for dogs, tending to dogs when the owner is away and even providing medical assistance when required. 

Many dog owners lack proper understanding of caring for dogs especially when they are under the weather, bored or aggressive. That is where professionals in this field come in handy to help bring the dogs to the right state. 

How to get started in dawg business

Here are things you need to know before starting a dawg business:

Begin with a dawg company: Walking a dog around might sound simple, but there is more to it that meets the eye. That is why you need someone who is already in the field to guide you through, correct your errors, and set you on the right path of success. Therefore, it is better to first work with a dawg company to get an experience of  what goes into the business and how to operate. Then, you can proceed to setting up your own. 

Get a dog insurance: as much as you might be tempted to waive insurance because you are just getting started and you need more bucks you can get. However, getting insurance will do you more good than you can imagine. Insurance protects you against any unexpected surprises or costs. And coats sometimes can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Plus, your earn clients’ trust and respect. 

Have a criminal record: having a record that shows you are free of crimes or offenses tells your clients they can entrust you with their fur babies. The peace of mind that comes with this is something anyone will be willing to bargain for. 

Have a niche: there are different areas in dog business and it might be difficult to cover them all of you are just getting started. There are training services, obedient expert, dog walker, dog grooming, in-house cleaner and many more. Understand the area’s you are good at choose specific services you will be able to offer. 

Treat the dog like yours: care for the dogs like your own and watch them fall in love with you in no time. 

Skills and certifications required 

Just like any other business, running a successful dawg business also required certain skills  and developing certain personality traits. For one, you should be able to effectively communicate with animals and easily identify needs and behavioural patterns. Moreover, you need to understand how different dog breeds behave and there characterises. 

An expert is also required to be patient, conscientious, thoughtful and know how to effectively communicate with dog owners or clients. 

In some cases, you will need to pursue education and acquire qualification. This will set you apart amidst the pack and demonstrate your expertise which can get you to earn client’s trusts and respects. There are various courses both online and offline that can provide you knowledge required. 

Another important thing is to learn to administer first aid treatment even though you don’t know much about medical treatment. Anything can happen while taking the dog for a walk. But knowing at least first aid treatment will be helpful and will also increase your chances of being hired. 

Why you should own a dawg business

Running a dawg business can be demanding yet profitable. Here are the things you stand to gain: 

Dogs are big business: the pet industry have experienced a steady rise in the past decade and it will only continue to boom. Pet owners in the US spent billions on let supplies, food and services. This is just the right time to be a part of the booming market and enjoy what it has to offer.

Requires low capital: to get started, investment required is low as compared to other businesses. Hence, you can hop into it without having to worry about huge capital. 

You do what you love: starting a dawg business is doing what you love, and earn while at it. You get toeet different breeds of dogs, interact with them enjoy am outdoor activities together. 

Key takeaways 

  • Earning a respectable income might takes time. You might not have as much clients but with time, your clientele will grow if you carry out your work successfully.
  • You really don’t need certifications to enter into the business except you are going into the medical treatment field. However, having certificate stand as a proof of your expertise. 
  • Social channels are platforms you can leverage to create awareness and promote your business.
  • Lastly, you can walk as many dogs as possible to earn more income. And while at it, know how to manage multiple dogs in the public.