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Discovered a hairdresser that gave you a great new look or found a brilliant plumber without the crack? Share your experience with others by writing a review.

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Search for the business using the search bar, go to the business listing and click "Add review". You'll need a Trusted Business account to leave a review, so log in or sign up if you don't have one.

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When submitting your review you can choose to share your experience with your Facebook friends. You can also share it via Twitter or email once the review has been published.

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Outstanding reviews get featured on our Facebook and Twitter and in newsletters. This form of word of mouth helps other customers and provides feedback for businesses.

Some extra guidance

Reviews must be based on personal experience and must be truthful, objective and helpful. All reviews are moderated to ensure nothing offensive, defamatory or derogatory is published, so please read our Review Guidelines before you start. Trusted Business publishes both positive and negative reviews provided they abide by these guidelines.

Our rating system

We use star ratings. Half a star is the lowest you can award, while five stars are for superb service. To avoid confusion with the internationally recognised hotel star system.


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