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Best Eastern European Restaurants in the United States

Khachapuri (Georgian cheese boats), borscht, beef stroganoff, khinkali Georgian soup dumplings, and more! We compiled a list of the best Eastern European restaurants in the US since fall has arrived. Never tried the food of Eastern Europe? As the temperature drops, warm up with a range of Slavic comfort foods, starting with your go-to dumplings and cheese bread. Enter the fray!

The top 5 eateries that include an Eastern European region as one of their categories are listed here. We identified the non-national chain businesses that fall within that category, and we then evaluated those establishments based on a variety of variables, such as the overall volume and quality of evaluations.

Cascade Mediterranean cuisine

A family-owned and operated restaurant in Las vegas, Nevada, is Cascade Mediterranean cuisine. Cascade Mediterranean Cuisine, located at 4155 south buffalo drive, offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please. Fresh ingredients are carefully combined to create each dish, and homemade sauces are used to serve them.

This Eastern European restaurant is a local family-owned restaurant with over 30 years of expertise, and chose to add some of our traditional Armenian food to the menu while also including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Georgian, Russian, and Eastern European dishes. With the finest ingredients that are always prepared to order, they  take pride in the caliber of the food they offer. Visit us, get to know our fantastic team, and sample some delicious foreign cuisine.


It was founded in 2021.

From Armenia to Los Angeles to Denver to Las Vegas, I’ve worked in the restaurant sector for more than 30 years. A family-run local business brings some of our culture and delectable cuisine to Las Vegas.

Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant

Since 1984, the Albany region has been able to enjoy an authentic Hungarian meal at Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant. To create a dining experience unlike any other, they only use the freshest ingredients in all of our recipes. Lots of Love and Karen’s culinary genius are also used. In 1957, Joseph and Matilda Novak (Papa and Mama), our founders, emigrated from Hungary to the United States. The documentary “Joseph and Matilda Novak’s American Dream” features them telling their experience. They received the “Faces of Diversity American Dream Award” from the National Restaurant Association, which is on display in our dining area. You’ll want more after trying one of our trademark dishes. Try our Kolbasz sausages, chicken paprikas, or cabbage rolls.

Every day, they typically also offer off-menu specials. And starting at 5:00 pm, a wonderful Buffet Feast is a dining choice! Our delectable and distinctive pastries and desserts are made using real ingredients from Europe. Private Parties and Special Events are also welcome at Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant. Since September 2021, they have offered cooking classes on most Tuesdays. This a fantastic opportunity to learn how to make our food yourself! Come to Novak’s; you are family here.

Best Eastern European Restaurants in the United States



 It was founded in 1984. In 1957, Joseph and Matilda Novak (Papa and Mama) emigrated from Hungary to the United States. In April 1984, they opened the first “Novaks Hungarian Paprikas” with their twin daughters Karen and Matilda.

Soup and Sausage Bistro

History Commenced in 2017.

Offerings from all of Eastern Europe are available at Soup & Sausage Bistro. When creating our homemade menu, they put quality first, and they can’t wait to hear what you think of what they serve.

Fast-food restaurants in Arizona account for a sizable portion of the state’s food market, serving items like pizza, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and burritos. Many people enjoy trying out new flavors and cuisines. Our cooking customs differ from one another. they combined the best dishes from many European nations into a single menu. Thus, the plan to start an eatery serving Eastern European food prepared just like at home was realized.

Cremesh European Restaurant


Cremesh Eastern European Restaurant is a terrific place with amazing food, great service, and ambience. Its menu and wine list are elegantly inspired by European cuisine. Our specialities include dishes made with fresh fish as well as roast duck, beef stroganoff, and wiener schnitzel. Try “Cremesh,” a signature dessert of The Chef, which consists of layers of puff pastry, actual vanilla cream pudding, and seasonal fruit. Additionally, they provide a wide variety of European wines and beers on tap.

History Commenced in 2018.

In June 2018, Cremesh European Restaurant debuted. Pavel Hasenohrl, the executive chef, was born in what is now the Czech Republic. Over his more than 40 years in the restaurant and catering industries, Chef Pavel has spent 20 of those years working in Florida, where he has introduced and taught the locals his distinctive brand of European cuisine. In Chef Pavel’s opinion, “flavor is the key” and “bold flavors are what people remember.”

Chanta European Cuisine

History It was founded in 2020.

Welcome to the centre of Tampa’s passionate, distinctive, and homemade cooking adventure! The Chanta family cordially invites you to dine with us in our home and enjoy our warm hospitality and genuine European cuisine!. This Eastern European resturant chose to bring you the finest cuisine from Europe after moving there! Have fun on your trip!


There are more Eastern European restaurants that have not been mentioned in this blog. But these are the best 5 we could collate. Do well to research on more.