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We are an energy company that specialises in solar power and can design and install solar panel systems for your house or place of business. Our mission is to simplify and reduce the cost of switching to solar power so that you may begin realising savings on your monthly energy bills as quickly as possible. We are the household solar company in Missouri that has been given the highest possible ranking. The solar panel installers at Sun Solar are here to guarantee that you end up with a solar ene rgy system that does what you need it to do. This includes installing solar panels on your roof or ground, as well as installing solar panels in canopies and carports. Caleb Arthur, the company's creator, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even if Sun Solar wasn't established until 2012. After suffering an accident that prevented him from continuing his profession as a law enforcement officer, he discovered a new interest in the field of solar energy. When he had installed his own ground mount in an effort to save money, he recognised the chance to share his excitement for solar energy along with his drive for business. During the day, he would work alone to install solar systems, and at night, he would go door-to-door in an effort to sell more systems. After beginning as a one-man operation, the firm has now been recognised by a number of industry magazines as being among the most successful solar energy businesses in the state of Missouri. In addition to providing solar electricity, Sun Solar is also dedicated to improving overall energy efficiency. This sets us apart from competitors in the solar industry. Our philosophy of ""reducing before you generate"" enables our clients to save more money while also contributing to the preservation of the environment. In point of fact, the only mission of our Smart Energy Solutions division is to conduct audits of commercial and residential properties in search of chances to improve energy efficiency. From the very beginning of an installation all the way through the lifetime of a solar system, it is our objective to assist our clients in lowering not just their monthly energy costs but also the amount of harm they cause to our planet's environment. Sun Solar has, from the very beginning of our company, been dedicated to the principles of integrating energy efficiency and solar power, caring for the environment, and offering exceptional service to our customers. According to the Inc. 500 List, we are the 156th fastest growing company in the nation and the number one fastest growing firm in Springfield, Missouri. Also, we are the number one home solar installation in the state of Missouri. Our mission is to make going solar simple, accessible, and cost-effective for you so that you can immediately begin saving money. Silicon crystals are the primary component of solar panels, which are responsible for converting sunlight into power. These panels may be installed on your roof,   Read More

Sun Solar
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2531 N Patterson Ave,, Springfield , Missouri, 65803, United States

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