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When you want to focus on cleaning your house physically, you might want to also remember to clean your house spiritually as well. This also applied to your business. Cleansing the energy of your house or business is imperative. Family members come to visit, exes move in (and then move out), and maybe a ghost or two has been hanging around since you moved in. In other words, houses see a lot of activity. And, if you happen to believe that spiritual activity can accumulate in a living sp ace believe me you re going to want to flush that energy out periodically. This energies could affect you or someone in your family if the energy is strong enough. These energies can be particularly powerful in a home or business where there was a lot of negative energy building up over a long period of time. For example, a home where a bitter divorce, a place where a suicide or homicide took place, or a place that housed a person who might have gone through major depression (or other disorders that would affect a person's spirituality and/or mentality) are all spaces that could be rife with leftover negative energy.   Read More

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8051 Florence Ave, Downey , California, Downey,, United States


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