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Not every case needs a divorce attorney. At least not any more than every tax filing needs a tax accountant. Some issues are small, and you can do it yourself. Some are too big, too complex, and too time consuming to handle without an expert. Same principal goes for a divorce. Some divorces are simple and easy. Others are too big and too nasty to tackle without a good divorce lawyer. How can you tell whether you need to hire a divorce lawyer? You can’t always tell in the beginning. Som e divorces can start-off as small camp fires, and later, without notice turn into a raging wild fire. How do you know if you have a small easy divorce, or a wild fire? Our general rule is to ask yourself, “what’s at stake.” Do you have loads of assets to divide, or mountains of debt to divide? Is one spouse looking for spousal support, and the other doesn’t think it’s needed? Do you both agree on child custody? It’s unusual when nothing big is at stake to turn into big divorce case. If you have a short-term marriage (something under five years), no assets, and no children, then you can file an uncontested divorce. When the only issue is how to calculate child support, you can use online tools, or have a quick discussion with an divorce attorney. But, when you need to divide large assets, debts, and pensions you will need and attorney to draft divorce documents. And, when you and your spouse are not agreeing on spousal support or child custody (the two major danger zones) you will probably need   Read More

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