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Proskill was created to improve the quality of like of professional outdoor workers being the first to introduce workpants with built in kneepads to Australia. Our impact It takes a lot of water, CO2 and then often clothes end up in landfill The longer workwear lasts the more we can save in water, CO2 and landfill. With Workwear lasting longer the better our planet for our kids – something we all work hard for! Environmentally Conscious That’s the conversation you want to have with your environmentally conscious child at the dinner table. To boot because Mascot doesn’t know how to wear out a lot of money can be saved as well so customers can spend it on tools, their partners friends and families instead! But something we really love is when we walk into a work place or work site and see all the staff looking and feeling great with big smiles on their faces!The pride and professional and hearing them tell us every day how they get compliments from their customers, their colleagues, their partners and even Joe public brings a smile to our faces every time!In these challenging times there can never hear enough positive comments and interactions and if we can contribute a little bit to we will. Community Impact We also contribute a truck load of effort to our communities during and after hours which is another reason why we’re so passionate about making Mascot and Proskill work as the more we can make the more we can contribute! It takes a village to raise a child so the happier our communities the happier are our children will be to contribute back them. Consequently our staff are a big fan of sponsoring and assisting in setting up community events to get communities together particularly in this time poor world we live it’s more important than ever. Women’s Workwear Australia’s leading women’s sustainable workwear – designed for women. Proskill Workwear Australia has a wide range of workwear for women with a focus on fit, quality and comfort – because we know how important it is that clothes sit right for optimum comfort.   Read More

Proskill Australia
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27/101 Collins St, Melbourne , Victoria, 3000, Australia

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