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Our law firm represents clients who have been injured and need a strong and passionate attorney who will fight for justice. In Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, accidents happen every day in hotels, casinos and at other business establishments. People are injured or die in car accidents on the roads and highways in Clark County. If it happens to you or to a loved one, personal injury attorney Paul Padda and his team are prepared to help you fight for compensation and closure. We have a proven rec ord of success in obtaining the kinds of settlements and jury awards clients need to get their lives back on track.   Read More

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4240 W Flamingo Rd #220, Las Vegas , Nevada, 89103, United States

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Gary Schoolfield [Cheyenne HS]

Gary Schoolfield [Cheyenne HS]

4 years ago

I was introduced to Paul Padda some years back and due to him knowing I was an educator his office reached out to me three years ago to build a relationship with deserving Title 1 school. I introduced Paul and his right hand person Patty to my principal and the three of them started an amazing partnership. Padda Law assumed the role as philanthropist for our campus and donated much needed funding for some amazing projects to assist students. Paul and his team provided several enlightening presentations to the entire staff and at family engagement nights as well. I have many highlights I could share about Paul Padda Law Firm but I want to share something so amazing and life changing for the students at my school.In mid-March COVID19 caused public and private schools alike to close their doors. The traditional classroom now became virtual and telephonic. As I call each student assigned to me to find out how they were doing and encouraging them and their families to remain safe there was more than a few occasions were I was informed of a family struggling. Parents would open up and state they were out of work due to the pandemic and had grave concerns with not knowing where their next paycheck was going to come from. Several families expressed the need for emergency assistance and although my school has an outstanding track records of assisting families resources are limited. This is where Padda Law jumped in immediately to provide some relief for deserving families. I called Patty with an idea of Padda Law donating money to struggling families only to find out they already had something in the works. They were finalizing the requirements for those needing help and within a week Padda Law was donating 1000 each week to a family in need. The process was simple for all who were in need. Write a short note to the law firm explaining the situation and one family who seemed to need the assistance the most received the weekly 1000. When calling every student every week and learning of someone struggling I informed them about this magnificent display of kindness Padda Law was providing many of them wrote detailed letters of what was going on in their households and why this money was desperately needed. One particular family has called me no less than 5 times to thank me for the information and stated their situation was so grim at the time selected for the 1000 they had nowhere else to turn to. Congratulations Padda Law Firm for giving back to the community and changing lives for the better


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