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121 Sandy Ln
West Columbia, South Carolina
+1 803-807-8140

Nation Custom Builders of SC LLC


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  • 121 Sandy Ln, West Columbia, South Carolina, , United States

    Contact Us - +1 803-807-8140

  • Nation Custom Builders started in 1989 as a small construction company in Greenwood, South Carolina. It is a family business that prides itself on its unequaled ability to build, remodel, restore, and renovate. We have a passion to make a difference in our clients' lives which in turn drives our team to strive for an enjoyable experience for all involved. Dedication to this is reflected in our exceptional craftsmanship. Our consideration for what is important to you and your environment, whether complex and difficult or simple gives us a deep satisfaction when done well and right the first time. Read More

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  • Ray Grimm Jr.

    5 months ago

    Ray Grimm Jr. When I heard about Nation custom builders from my office colleagues I was still confused to hand over my project. Therefore I decided to visit them personally and you won’t believe that they were humble and excellent in their profession that not only they give the brief of the model for my project but also estimated the time and cost of the project. Thumbs up for their service.

  • Dan Darouvar

    5 months ago

    Dan Darouvar This was my first construction project and Nation Custom Builders was exceptionally useful to prescribe places to go for materials at reasonable prices. The final product is quality work that looks astounding. Our neighbors can't resist the opportunity to compliment the work. I would use their services again for some other project we may do later on.

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