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My Water Damage Restoration L.I.

My Water Damage Restoration L.I.

25 Route 111 #591, Smithtown, New York, 11787, United States

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My Water Damage Restoration Long Island is a professional and caring recovery company that will handle all of your water damage repair and flood restoration problems for both Nassau and Suffolk County NY. Having personally experienced water and flood damage to his home on the south shore of Long Island NY due to a fire and multiple floods caused by tides and hurricanes, the owner decided to start a water damage & fire restoration services company over 10 years ago to help homeowners and business owners through this traumatic Having one's home catch fire is a personally traumatic event, which is why our fire damage restoration services is so important, Our ability to quickly minimize the effects of smoke and water damage and to quickly seal up your home or business property is paramount to its rapid recovery. Water and fire damage can occur from a variety of reasons. A pipe may burst, you may be living or your business may be located in a flood zone, faulty electric work may start a fire, or a vast sort of other reasons may lead for your need for water and fire damage restoration services. If you live on the south shore of Long Island, or own a business there, you are especially in need of flood restoration due to the combination of poor drainage, and the high tides coupled with a full moon. Obviously, you want to take preventative measures to prevent your property from flooding   Read More


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