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"When clients seek estate planning services from the McGee Law Firm, we are tasked with preserving their family history and treasures for many future generations to come. There is no other choice than to completely protect our clients to the full extent of the law and well beyond. Being a boutique firm is a benefit for clients because we can give everyone the personal and close attention that is deserved at all times. From the point of introduction, the McGee Law Firm also makes it clear that we are here to serve you. We invite clients for a meet-and-greet with our team members to feel comfortable calling us any time and knowing that they will hear a familiar voice. Additionally, the McGee Law Firm adheres to an always-open-door communication policy. We share monthly updates via email with our clients, and we love hearing updates about vacations, family gatherings, reunions, and more from our clients, too."   Read More

McGee Law Firm
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810 W. 10th Street, Fort Worth , Texas, 76102, United States

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