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300 E Bristol St
Elkhart, Indiana 46514
+1 574-264-2040

Images Jewelers


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  • 300 E Bristol St, Elkhart, Indiana, 46514, United States

    Contact Us - +1 574-264-2040

  • Starting in a small back street studio in 1976, designing and manufacturing all the jewelry we sold, Images Jewelers was founded on an idea: Bring together artistry of design, skill of craftsmanship, superior knowledge of precious gems and metals and a passion for excellence. For more than a quarter century, these four points have guided and formed Images Jewelers. Today, this desire to create beautiful and precious pieces of jewelry burns brighter than ever as Images continues to be recognized as one of the nation's premier jewelers. The ability of Images Jewelers to transform an idea - even an emotion - into a valuable and unique work of artistry is unparalleled. Design skills are married with craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The expertise of a Graduate Gemologist and a broad and intricate network of gem sources work in unison. the result: exquisite jewelry that is unique and precious. Read More

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  • Tony Semadeni

    a week ago

    Tony Semadeni Kelly personally helped my brother to select a custom design an amazing wedding set for his fiance. Images Jewelers provides an impeccable selection of quality products. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to get engaged or buy wedding bands! Thank you kelly for every thing.

  • Dan Darouvar

    2 weeks ago

    Dan Darouvar I have purchased a diamond ring and received gifts from Images Jewelers last month. Every time I have gone into the shop, they have been more helpful. As someone who admittedly knows very little about jewelry, and even less about what women like haha; it's a great comfort to know the staff is there to guide and offer recommendations. The ring I have purchased have been of outstanding quality (and are beautiful in design). Anyone looking for jewelry, whether it's for that special occasion or the engagement ring when asking the big question; I highly recommend Images Jewelers.

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