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Grateful Head was founded by barber’s daughter, Lysa Fina and Rock n Roll Hellraiser, Stacy Stray. The two bonded over their love of music and passion for hairdressing! Fina spent a summer in College following the Grateful Dead around and promised a fellow “deadhead” to name her future dream hair salon after the band. In 2006, the dream became a reality. Fina and Stray built their first salon together in an abandoned space on Dundas Street west by the Trinity Bellwoods par k. They demolished and renovated the space with friends, paid in beer and sandwiches. It was a 12-week labour of love and on April 01, 2006, they opened the front door and so began the ride… In 2011, Fina decided to move her salon to the bustling neighbourhood of Roncesvalles Village. Another renovation project in a heritage building gave Grateful Head a second life. With the assistance of Fina’s talented friend, decorator Nancy Niksic, the salon became a space Fina and the staff would call home. Featured in several design magazines and blogs, Grateful Head in Roncesvalles Village is a unique space with a goth-glam aesthetic. A perfect setting for the eclectic music-loving, artistic, tattooed, scissor-wielding staff! In the fall of 2014, Fina made a return to Dundas St West with the sister location, Grateful Head & Co. Also home to “Sugar Mag” music studio, the Dundas location is the quintessential home for Fina and the Grateful Team and their artistic endeavours!   Read More

Grateful Head Salon
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231 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto , Ontario, M6R 2L6, Canada

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