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Gir Cow A2 Ghee epitomizes authenticity and superior nutrition, meticulously prepared using the time-honored bilona method. Sourced from the pristine Gir cows of Gujarat, our ghee is crafted in small, dedicated batches. The result is a ghee with a luxuriously soft, creamy texture, an alluring mild curdy aroma, and a truly delectable taste. Prior to packaging in food-grade glass jars, each batch of our ghee undergoes rigorous lab tests, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality and purit y. Choosing our ghee is a guaranteed path to elevating your overall well-being. Ghee, also recognized as clarified butter, holds a significant place in Indian culture, being esteemed for centuries for its diverse health benefits and versatile applications in cooking. Apart from its delightful flavor and fragrance, pure a2 ghee provides a multitude of advantages for individuals engaged in physical activities, making it an excellent addition to their dietary routines. This extensive piece will delve into the profound advantages of ghee for those leading active lifestyles, underscoring the importance of consuming pure, uncontaminated ghee.   Read More

Gauneeti Organics
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Adalaj-Koba Road,, Ahmedabad , Gujarat, 382421, India

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