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1221 Lamar Street
Houston, Texas 77010
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  • 1221 Lamar Street, Houston, Texas, 77010, United States

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  • FasciaBlaster® is a revolutionary tool that breaks through fascia. Learn more about how to reduce cellulite and speed recovery here.

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  • luana soares dourado

    4 months ago

    luana soares dourado My entire life has changed due to the fascia blasters. I have recently been able to sit get across legged, do squats, walk and even run without knee pain. I have not been able to do any of people things in over 20 years. It has reduced my look at this to only a slight discomfort. Ahead of it was very unpleasant. My body is changing slowly, but that's okay. I do a full body boost 2 to 3 times a week. A great deal more good!

  • Cortney Shegerian

    4 months ago

    Cortney Shegerian Oh my God, where do I actually start! So the fascia blaster is not just amazing on my stubborn cellulite areas or stressed out fascia, but it has saved me front my stress headaches and migraines. I am a night clincher while I sleep. I actually would wake up with terrible migraines, and muscle tension in my face, neck and head. This was becoming a regular issue with no real cure. I started using my fascia blaster to rub out the fascia and tissue in my face and head and now I not only have fewer headaches and migraines but because I don't have that tension in my head and neck, I am not clinching as much either, if at all. This tool isn't just for sports athletes, it's for everyone. Say thanks to you so much!

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