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4735 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

DV Lawyer Las Vegas


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  • 4735 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89147, United States

    Contact Us - 702-656-0808

  • Hiring DV Lawyer Las Vegas will allow you to focus on your life while we fight for you and attend all of your court appearances. We Provide Free Confidential Consultations and also offer Payment Plans. We promise that you will meet with an attorney face to face. The Hayes Law Firm will tailor a defense specific to your goals. Domestic violence convictions will follow you for years. The long term impact of a domestic violence conviction is just as serious as the short-term penalties you could receive for your present domestic violence charge. Read More

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  • jamie clara

    a month ago

    jamie clara My experience with Dale A Hayes Jr. was amazing!!! I’d never been taken to court before so I was terrified of what all of this could possibly mean for me and my future. We won my hearing and I never felt more relieved in my life! I am so grateful to dv lawyer Las Vegas and their expertise and dedication to my case!

  • mike kent

    3 months ago

    mike kent Make sure you talk to Dale A. Hayes Jr when you call in DV Lawyers Las Vegas, he is the owner and knows the most about these cases. He handled my case and got me an amazing result. The guy is a genius and literally knows more than any other law firm I talked to. He got the outcome I wanted in my case. Thanks Dale.

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