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4735 South Durango Drive,Suite 10
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147
+1 (702) 656 0808

DUI Lawyer Las Vegas


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  • 4735 South Durango Drive, Suite 10, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89147, United States

    Contact Us - +1 (702) 656 0808

  • If you have been charged with a DUI in Nevada you are in danger of losing your license and going to jail as well as expensive fines and higher insurance rate. If you were charged in Las Vegas, there may be additional penalties. This is not something you should take lightly. While the situation you are facing is serious, you are not helpless. You are not alone. Dale Hayes Jr. has the experience, knowledge and determination to fight for you and protect your rights.

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  • Mike Jasson

    4 days ago

    Mike Jasson Great lawyers, great price and even better results. I can not say enough good things about this law firm. Even though I was not in the state, Dale handled my whole case without me being there. Everything worked out perfectly and I would recommend them to any person that gets arrested for any crime.We've heard nothing but great things about the quality of service his Las Vegas dui attorneys provide.

  • James Parsa

    3 weeks ago

    James Parsa many many thanks from my heart for all the help you devoted for to my case. I still can't believe Dale got my case dismissed. Outstanding service, Professionalism , sincere care. Highly recommended

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