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642,Pacific Highway, Suite 1A Level 2 802-808/642 Pacific Hwy, Gordon
Sydney, New South Wales 2072
+61 1800 61 7111

Create Australia

  • 642, Pacific Highway, Suite 1A Level 2 802-808/642 Pacific Hwy, Gordon, Sydney
  • New South Wales, 2072, Australia
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  • 642, Pacific Highway, Suite 1A Level 2 802-808/642 Pacific Hwy, Gordon, Sydney, New South Wales, 2072, Australia

    Contact Us - +61 1800 61 7111

  • Create Australia is an evolution that has spanned 17 years in delivering business excellence to Australian consumers.Starting from humble beginning as a pioneering lost money refund agency, we quickly grew into a 25 staff organisation across 3 business units. We were the original market leaders in the lost money industry, founding what is now the Australia and New Zealand lost funds industry.

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  • Andrea Bruno

    2 weeks ago

    A huge thanks and best wishes to Create Australia! Guys, you are really doing a great job… your program helps people, you are hyper-responsive and really professional. 10 out of 10 services!

  • Ella Brown

    2 weeks ago

    Ella Brown Myriam Borg you are amazing and never let anyone tell you otherwise! Your wise counsel really leads me to the success I'm seeing now. The refund consulting program initiated by Myriam enable people to cultivate skills and learn every crucial trick for success in the unclaimed money refund industry, what an achievement. After wasting lots of my money on other so-called 'businesses, I reluctantly join the refund consulting program for the October 2017 intake. I found this program totally different to anything out there by a long shot, it was very useful and easy to implement. This ends my search, I finally found my calling, and for that, I have to say THANK YOU!

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