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1811 N Ave
National City, California 91950
+1 619-302-4850

Catalina House Cleaning


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  • 1811 N Ave, National City, California, 91950, United States

    Contact Us - +1 619-302-4850

  • CHC began in the early 1990’s with only Catalina cleaning one house a day for 6 hours. Houses were mostly members from our church. We decided to send mailers to certain areas and leave flyers on front doors. Soon as customers began to respond and houses began to multiply, it resulted in Catalina needing the help of her best friend and her sister-in-law. In 1995 we became licensed, insured and bonded, as we had roughly 50 weekly and biweekly customers. Today we have over 250. We now manage the business full time out of our home office in National City. Read More

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2 Reviews

  • Anthony Tony Semadeni

    3 months ago

    Anthony Tony Semadeni This is an excellent cleaning service and customer service! They did an amazing job! Cleaned my apartment in two hours and did an amazing job! Highly recommend.

  • James Parsa

    3 months ago

    James Parsa Catalina House Cleaning company is the best! They are very consistent, reliable and very friendly. Very happy with the services, quality of work and price.

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