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300 S Ave Of The Arts
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
+1 954-522-4058

Attorney Robert A. Pascal


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  • 300 S Ave Of The Arts, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312, United States

    Contact Us - +1 954-522-4058

  • Robert A. Pascal is a native Floridian, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. For the past (20) twenty- years, he has studied and practiced in the areas of: Immigration, International Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporations, Business Law, Trademarks and Probate through his very own Law Offices of Robert A Pascal. He has solid jury trial experience in the Florida Circuit Courts handling both criminal and civil trials. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and dedicates a majority of his practice to serving the Hispanic Community. What Mr. Pascal offers is a diverse background of experience and knowledge that he brings to his clients. He is able to identify legal issues that other attorneys locked into one area of law may overlook. What the clients like the most about Attorney Robert Pascal is that he is truly concerned about his clients, and he is not merely driven by economic gain. Mr. Pascal treats every client with the same high level of respect, without regard to their economic or educational background. When you become a client of our office your file is not identified by a number, but by your name. You become part of our extended family, and will be happy to return to us in the future for additional legal services. Mr. Pascal looks forward to meeting you, and helping you to resolve your legal issues. Take a moment to review Attorney Robert Pascal’s education and experience listed below. Read More

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  • professeur mitz

    5 days ago

    I scheduled a consultation with Attorney Robert Pascal and was treated with the utmost respect and best customer service! The staff was friendly and the attorney I met with was knowledgeable and thorough. He gave me the legal advice I was looking for and didn't try to sell me services I needed. I was completely put at ease. The case ended up settling but I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for legal help! Thanks Robert for all your support.

  • Jane Kathy

    3 weeks ago

    Jane Kathy Whenever I need to use the expertise of Attorney Robert Pascal, he always act responsively. I also relied upon on him for receiving my passport and the procedure was really fast without any complications. He is one of few attorneys where consultations are free which is great! Thanks Robert for all your help and support. Highly Recommended

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