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We are a Perth owned stand alone store where we focus on customer service and knowledge. Having worked in mining for 13 years I understand the importance of looking after your mind and body when working long shifts and enduring extreme weather. Come and see us for your supplement and vitamin needs. It's time to rise from the dead! Cross-Eyed from Zombie Labs is a new extreme stimulant pre-workout, designed to fire you up and help you tackle all the sh*t that life throws at you. PERFORM LIKE A ZOMBIE - Zombies keep moving forwards despite the obstacles they face. Cross-Eyed will give you the dietary support you need to play and exercise like a ZOMBIE KING. SKIN SPLITTING PUMPS - You may feel your skin tingling and stretching as you reach ZOMBIE PUMP status. Achieve your next level zombie gains with support from your enhanced blood flow. INSANE ENERGY - Cross-Eyed has an extreme mixture of nutrients, including Caffeine and English Walnut, to help boost you beyond just 'the living dead' and keep you hunting for even greater results, every time. HYPER FOCUS - Zombies maintain a singular focus on one goal, and Cross-Eyed's nootropic mixture will bolster your laser sharp focus to help you stay single-minded and keep your workout objectives at the front of your mind. SUPERHUMAN POWER - Zombie strength exceeds that of humans. Cross-Eyed combines a variety of substances such as L-Citrulline Malate and Amentoflavone, which support the recruitment and strength of muscle fibers and may help enhance your athletic zombie abilities.   Read More

Altitude Supps
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Altitude Supplements, Terminal 2, Perth , Western Australia, 6105, Australia

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