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Business Listings : 7 Powerful Websites for Fruitful Results (Updated for 2019 )

Gone are the days when the businesses listing on the Yellow Pages laid down on an annual sum. These days the corporate have started taking online routes in order to reach and engage the potential customers. In fact, creating online presence starts with adding the industries to various business listing sites.

Listing your business in the corporate listing websites helps in improving the brand awareness.

In fact, the industry listing enhances the business visibility and also add credibility factor for the good ranking in the local searches. However, sometimes it can be challenging to update and create the corporate listings. But as you claim the listing, you gain the power to control which information and images will show on these sites.

Following are some of the powerful business listing websites which are helpful for achieving the fruitful results.

7  Business Listing Websites for Fruitful Results

1. Google My Business


Listing the business on Google My Business should be the top priority for individuals because it is the most popular search engine. This free business listing site endows the customers with real-time information about the business across different platforms such as Google search, Google+ and Maps.

Here, are some of the Features:

  • Boost the sites SEO ranking.
  • Precise location on the mobile-friendly map.
  • Posts reviews from the customers.
  • Furthermore, allow businesses to add coupons, images, videos, special offers and other meaning information to their profile.

Follow the Steps to Claim or Edit business Listing:

  • Go to the link –
  • Click on Get on Google.
  • Now sign into the Google account.
  • Follow the instructions in order to add business information to Google.

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2. Trusted Business Reviews

trusted business reviews

Individuals can list their business for free on this listing website. Trusted Business Reviews website help people find businesses, brands, and products they can rely on. Furthermore, the businesses listed on this online listings site has been authenticated by trusted stamp according to the selection criteria.

Some Features are:

  • Add multiple business locations.
  • Businesses can engage with customers by directly responding to their reviews.
  • The site allows users to add images, videos, working hours and other information.
  • Moreover, the corporate owners can acquire Trusted Business Reviews Mementos (Shield, Medal, and Trophy).
  • The rating is also provided based on the real reviews.

Within Few Steps, you can Claim Your Business on Trusted Business Reviews

  • Visit at Trusted Business Reviews
  • Click on “ADD BUSINESS”.
  • Here, click on “LIST YOUR BUSINESS”.
  • Follow the step by step procedure to add list your business to Trusted Business Review site.

3. Facebook


This social media site help you to reach individuals who matter most to your business. Actually, the Facebook places business directories are the powerful marketing tools for organizations.

Features of this listing site include:

  • Page manager app.
  • Scheduled Posts.
  • Graph Search.
  • Promoted Posts.
  • Furthermore, provides metric data to monitor the page performance.

You should visit the Facebook in order to claim your business for free.

4. Yelp


This website is the best source for consumers to review online. In fact, millions of individuals visit the Yelp every month in order to find the great businesses in their locality. Yelp has become a popular option for consumers who are looking for reviews and ratings of business in their surroundings. Hence, listing your business at this site help people finding the corporate easily.

Here, are some features of this Business listings site:

    • Yelp reporting tool allows you to review business trends.
    • One can add information about their business like work hour, services, location and other.
    • It allows business owners to send deals, public and private messages to the customers.
    • Yelp blog allows tycoons to post the blogs.

Within few Minutes you can claim your business:

      • Visit the site to list your business.
      • Click on “Claim Your Business Page”.
      • Enter the Required information and click on get started.

5. Bing Places for Industry

bing places

The places for business allow businesspersons to add the listing for their industry on the Bing. This business online listings site categories business in three segments i.e.

      • Local or small industries.
      • Chain Business with different locations.
      • Corporations offering services at customer locations.

Some Features are:

      • Free, quick and easy registration.
      • Individuals can add multiple business locations.
      • Allow you to add videos, photos, and other crucial information.
      • Agency dashboard endows the information for each listing.

Visit the site list, edit or claim your business.

6. Yahoo Local Listing

yahoo listing

Similar to Google and Bing, Yahoo local listing is also crucial to consider for local business marketing strategies. In fact, Yahoo also draws millions of searches every day.

This comprehensive listing website offer features:

      • Business ratings.
      • Reviews.
      • Maps.
      • Photos.
      • Events and more.

For Claiming and Editing your Corporate Listing

Click on the link and scroll down the local listing page and click “Sign Up” for free business listing. After this, update the business information like contact number, URL and other to list it.

7. Yellow Pages

yellow pages

Yellow Pages not only enhance the online presence but also help businesses to get found and expand the reach. Features of this listing site include advertising, lead generation, local search and marketing for the corporate owners. Furthermore, Yellow Pages display the ratings of industries which are ranked with A, A++ and BBB accreditation.

Want to claim your business? Then click on the link and follow some steps to list and update your business information.


These are some of the business listings sites which help individuals in driving the desired result. Listing the business on these high authority websites helps business owners in improving the brand online presence and getting the desired result.