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10 Best Restaurants in Chandigarh – Trusted Business Reviews

Restaurant`s popularity has created a great deal of competition in the marketplace. Therefore, it difficult to make a choice on the best one amongst the lot, especially for retaining customers. This is not a single parameter. Even restaurant`s service, ambiance, and vibe are some other substantial features that are necessary to consider before opting for a great experience.

Some restaurants are good while others are great. A good one mainly focuses on pleasant experience and a tasty meal. On the other hand, a great restaurant blows you away. However, you don`t be the guest of such restaurants often. But, that once in a while experiences would be so wonderful that it ends up raving about it to your friends and neighbors.

In a city like Chandigarh! Where delicious food is loved, and where the people are willing to taste new things: restaurateurs keep upping the game in the culinary arena. Hence, it is difficult to come up with a ranking of best restaurants in Chandigarh.

In an effort to help you, our team of experts originated a community-driven consumer review platform – Trusted Business Reviews – where customers online feedback and review can help you to evaluate a business, and its products or services.

Here`s the list of the 10 best restaurants in Chandigarh, according to consumer reviews. How many have you eaten at?

Aroma Hotel & Restaurant

Aroma is an unmatchable landmark of the city beautiful. However, being an undisputed champion of progressive Indian food, they stand on the list of top 5 restaurants in Chandigarh. Also, a platter of small dishes served in a series of bowls and complemented by various chutneys and bread is a fantastic way to sample a number of offerings in one go.

Entitled as Abhinandan – Banquet Hal, the is a centerpiece of the aroma offer customer to organize several venues for weddings, conferences, indoor tournaments, training sessions, get together, reunions- almost any activity that requires space and service!

Hotel Aroma Chandigarh - Trusted Business Reviews

Image Credits: Make My Trip

Pashtun Restaurant

It comes a bit of a surprise that Pashtun beat Oven fresh in this list of best restaurants In Chandigarh, Sector 35. Also, known as exonyms Afghans. The theme is where the restaurant scores. This oldest ethnic restaurant offers a casual, upscale atmosphere with a varied menu sure to please the varied tastes of their guests. Prepare dishes just right way, resulting in beautifully presented yet reasonably priced menu selections. A delicious, relaxing place has wooden flooring and diners might find the wooden seats a tad uncomfortable for languid meals though.

Pashtun Restaurant - Trusted Business Reviews

Image Credits: Pashtun

The Cove

Once you look at this hotel cum restaurant and you will want to book the next flight over. The Cove is something that dreams are made of. Set in Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana near Chandigarh, its ambiance speaks of timeless elegance. Also, the best restaurants to choose in Chandigarh for Candle Light Dinner. A variety of mouthwatering dishes with a griller concept on your table, where you can see the preparation of your food in front of your eyes. Interior is planned with brilliant finishes, including top quality fixtures that make it more eye-catching and encourage the public to explore inside.

The Cove - Trusted Business Reviews

Image Credits: Aashray Design

Uncle Jack’s

Nothing beats Uncle Jack’s food when it comes to indulgence. The quality of our food and service is delicious and sinful. The more popular steak house of New York – sits in the heart of Chandigarh, a meal at Uncle Jack`s is all about the experience. The food is authentic and simple, but then it is the simple things in life that often give us the most pleasure. You may sit indoors or enjoy the lovely alfresco seating area. The food is delicious and flavors, clean.

Uncle Jack's - Trusted Business Reviews

Image Credits: Jazz Food Travel Shop

Virgin Courtyard

At Virgin Courtyard, you`ll surely immerse in a lazy mood – indulging in laughter and conversation. Drop in and experience a sunlit courtyard, where the mood is always set to bliss. Virgin Courtyard Chandigarh is an ideal place include the sun washed courtyard and welcome those who most appreciate the good life. In this tranquil setting of pebbled pathways, fine Italian-inspired cuisine, spirits, and music serve to cast a heady spell over a leisurely afternoon or evening.

Virgin Courtyard - Trusted Business Reviews

Image Credits: Virgin Courtyard

GUSTO Kitchen & Kaffe

GUSTO is a contemporary concept restaurant that offers you Breakfast, Burgers, Greek and Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Pizza, Sandwiches, Seafood, Spanish/Basque and Vegetarian cuisines. This Cafe & Restaurant is a trendy looking place run by earnest professionals. While here try their Lamb Tajine with Saffron Cous. Cous a traditional Moroccan specialty, it is quite divine. The Braised Lamb Shanks with Saffron Risotto also finds many takers. As does the Almond Dhukkah rubbed Sea Bass served with Basil Pesto and Mashed Potato. For sweet endings like never before, giving the Churros with Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream more than just a shot.

GUSTO Kitchen & Kaffe - restaurants in chandigarh

Image Credits: Zomato

Nik Baker’s

Nik Bakers redefine the experience of fine eating with its pleasurable ensemble of snacks, desserts and numerous recipes that are a well-guarded trade secret. Chef Nik, the key person behind his awesome brand came here from Australia with a truck load of accolades. The art of baking has since moved beyond bowls of butter and sugar. Nik Baker’s creations, established their bar too high and people have simply was in love with it over the years. It promises great taste, gorgeous décor, incomparable ambiance, and fine quality in all its products.

Nik Baker's - restaurants in chandigarh

Image Credits: Nik Baker’s

Prem Restaurant & Fast Food

The name is iconic. However, it is doubtful that any foodie in the city would not have heard of this best-known Dhaba in Chandigarh. Prem – Among the popular restaurant of Chandigarh located in Sector 41 D in Chandigarh. Their variety of snacks from the Indian and Chinese section is more demanding by regulatory customers. The ambiance is quite comfortable and it is a good place to enjoy food at a nominal price. You will get the aroma of delicious cuisine right after entering here. Also, they serve a customer with different kinds of juices and shakes. Prem restaurant is as delicious as it gets. Fast-food items including Spring Roll, Kadhai Paneer, and Garlic Manchurian are must have dishes.

Prem Restaurant & Fast Food - restaurants in chandigarh

Pal Dhaba

Pal Dhaba is a popular dining out option for most people in Punjab and Chandigarh. But when it comes to authentic Dhaba stuff, one name that stands out clearly is Chandigarh’s Pal Dhaba. Be it mutton or chicken for non-vegetarians, or dal fry or shahi paneer for vegetarians: Pal Dhaba certainly makes the mouth water at a very reasonable cost. Positioned in Chandigarh’s bustling Sector 28 market. Pal Dhaba acquired the reputation of being the market leader among all such eateries, serving the palate of Chandigarh residents. Even others coming from neighboring states.

Pal Dhaba - restaurants in chandigarh

Image Credits: India Today

Shree Rathnam

In the year 2012, “ShreeRathnam” the standalone pure vegetarian restaurant laid its foundation. With a motive to offer finest and freshest, authentic south Indian food. Its extensive menu includes North Indian and Chinese cuisine for people from all walks of life on quickly serve basis. Also, at an exceptionally reasonable price. This south Indian restaurant includes a special selective menu range with mouthwatering snacks. However, the main course and choice of desserts with “Shree Rathnam” special beverages to suit any occasion.

Shree Rathnam - restaurants in chandigarh

Image Credits: Shree Rathnam