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How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Starting off a business online has become popular these days. In a similar way, incorporating Instagram stories is a way of promoting brands. Its easy-to-use interface makes people addicted to easy clickable stories. Moreover, it displays how many followers saw or turned up to our advertisements. Owing to these advantages, Instagram has proved why it is the best place to flourish brands of all kinds.

Thinking of Instagram stories for your Business? Get started your Brand with our great ideas-

Demonstrate Products

Product showcase - instagram stories

Showcasing the products in stories along with highlights will help to gather followers attention. Try displaying its features, availability, and special offers that will convert followers into customers. Effectively demonstrating your goods surely can go a long way when it comes to marketing.

It is rightly said- What People actually see is what sells!!

Offer Discounts And flash Sales


Flashing sales on products can prove to be a game changer for a Brand. Offering discounts, promo codes and sales or rewarding your audiences can increase your followers. Flaunting deals on stories or getting Live with them on Instagram will enhance marketing. Let’s not think to forget to try these proposals!

Stuff In Trend


While trading, we usually look for some popular stuff around that are in use. Undoubtedly, Instagram has become a trendsetter these days. Through Newsfeed and Stories on Instagram, we are able to get what’s going in trend and demand. Indeed, all of these social media spread news like wildfires. Such is the case with Instagram, latest trends can be promoted quickly.

Include #Hashtags


Using hashtags with words while posting on insta can help to become them more discoverable to the audience. As when people search for particular items, hashtags if related will be displayed to them. With hashtags, your story will be introduced to a larger followers community.

Search Out for Hashtags that your targeted audience are looking for, and use them!

Interact With Followers


Analyze audience interests and dislikes, get to know what they love, so that you can remold according to their needs. Having an Interactive session on insta can help letting you know more about your audience choice. We can even add questions to our stories, so that we may get thoughts of people from the answers.

Add Highlights


The stories posted for advertisement can be added to Highlights of the page later. As stories are displayed for 24 hours, highlights can make them available all through. While adding up highlights, you can tell what you are and what you sell to people who land on your page.

Infact, these highlights can have an eye catching cover for a pleasant view of your page.

FAQs Section

faq - instagram stories

Conducting a question and answers section would help to know your customers needs more. Stories can be added with questions along with your posts so that people respond to it and showcase their needs. It will surely help in building a community and make customers interact. Moreover, we need to be active in the accounts for answering the queries of people.



Summing up your stories or posts with quotes and sayings can gather followers attention. Try using eye catching quotes for your services, so that people are keen to open them. As it really matters how quickly your Instagram page gets engagement. We must give a try to this to increase follow ups and grow our business on insta.

Add Links


External links can be added up to the insta stories, for accounts which have more than 10k followers. Yes, like any other link these links can be added to redirect to other post or info within insta. Which can in turn help in advertising of more than one product or services. Use this feature much in stories like add ‘Limited Offer’, ‘Book Today for Discount’, ‘Hurry Up’ etc.

All of these can help followers to land to your page, they are able to know where they are heading up through link.

Come Live

Go live - instagram stories

Insta Live feature can enhance followers attention and drive engagement. Announce first through your posts that you will be live soon. Describe each thing for a new product launched in your live videos. Surely, they can help in promoting by notifying viewers that you have started the live stream. Live videos are priorities for insta and are displayed first on the screen.

Final Verdict

For now, It has become highly recommended to use Instagram for business purpose. Utilizing insta stories, posts, coming live for engaging followers for trade is easy and has become a trend.

Feel Free To Comment Below! Happy Posting!

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